Our Mission

Our group is to concentrate on the educations and medical issues. Other issues will be added as when required. Medical – not applicable for alcoholic /

Make Donation :

Every member need to contribute Rs.100 per month / Rs. 1200 per annum as per their convenience to our group.

Trist account details will be passed on.

Procedure :

  • Members to submit the issue.
  • Monthly once the issues will be listed out and will be passed to everyone.
  • Everyone should provide the priority (rating) for all the issues.
  • The most priority issue (with lower rating) will be attended with the available money.
  • The amount collected in the previous month utilized for the current month

No.of members in Jan ' 12 = 10 nos.
Amount collected in Jan ' 12 = 10*100 = 1000 Rs.
Amount available for Feb ' 12 = 1000 Rs.
Only 70% of the collected money will be used. Balance money shall be utilized for emergency medical issues.
Amount allotted for Feb. ' 12 = 700Rs.

  • If the monthly required money (based on the issues raised by all) is less than the allotted money for that money, then all the issues will be taken care; else based on rating the issues shall be closed.

Target :

Maximum expected no. of member = 1000 nos.
Total amount collected in the month = 1000 * 100 = 100000
Allotted money for the issues (70%) = 70000
Monthly we can take care of minimum 14 issues
Maximum allowed fund per head / per issue will be Rs. 5000 ezcept the emergency medical issue. For emergency case up to Rs. 10000 or more; depends on availability of fund in the trust account.

Future requirement

  • Registration
  • All activities to be made "on-line"
  • Maintaining the database
  • Charted Accountant and Lawyer

Things to be followed :

  • Tiil every month last Tuesday evening 6pm (IST) issues can be submitted to the group (as per the attached standard format – "issue"). The issues received after 6pm will be considered in the following month only. Emergency issues are dealt separately as and when required.
  • Coordinator will be compiling the issues and pass to members by Thursday. Refer attached standard format in excel sheet - "issues for member rating" .
  • Members to give their rating / priority for all issues and send back to the group by Saturday evening 6pm (IST)
  • By Sunday (1st Sunday of every month) evening (6pm, IST) decision will be taken to close the issues. Refer attached standard format in excel sheet - "final".
  • Monday the money will be

We fight together

We are humans

WE care about others

We are humans